New From Danny Meyer: Tacocina

Famed chef and restauranteur Danny Meyer has embraced the taco. His Union Square Hospitality group has opened Tacocina, a sit down taco stand in Domino Park, a 6-acre space on the Williamsburg waterfront in Brooklyn. It will be open year round with seating for over 100 guests. Tacocina will press its own tortillas and serve tacos alongside Mexican beers and cocktails in a laid-back, lively setting overlooking the East River. Its chef, Barbara Garcia was raised in Mexico. They will feature six tacos and side offerings. Union Square Hospitality has a strong track record with casual fast food fare, having created Shake Shack in 2004, now an international brand. Bernstein Redo, P.C. is proud to be part of the Union Square Hospitality and Tacocina team.