Classic Car Club Opens Private Members’ Club on Pier 76

Classic Car Club, a private members’ club for auto enthusiasts’ centered around a love of all things car-related, has opened its members club, Clubhouse, on Pier 76 in Manhattan. The space, converted NYPD horse stables, has two-levels and an outdoor patio overlooking the Hudson River. As they describe it, at Classic Car Club “we don’t just smoke tires, we also smoke brisket.” Chef Jesse Ford and his crew staff the state of the art professional kitchen and serve lunch and dinner seven days a week. They also offer photography classes and trivia night, and of course simulated racing. Bernstein Redo, P.C. knows next to nothing about vintage, exotic or muscle cars, we but are happy to be a part of the Classic Car Club legal team. We wish them success with their new clubhouse and hope they keep the engine grease off the barstools.